To become a global producer of next-generation Lithium-ion Battery (LIB) cells, enabling the
future energy requirements of the world via the electrification of communities and
transportation through:

  • Developing Gigafactories globally with key alliances and JV partners.
  • Maintianing a technical competitive advantage through existing and new unique IP,
    that will continue to deliver superior LIB cells.
  • Provide significant commercial advantage to all LIBCOIN Gigafactory projects, by
    delivering a (non-China) vertically intergrated global procurement capability across
    the end to end LIB cell supply chain.
  • Mitigate key material supply risk with particpation in the mining, processing and
    supply of key LIB raw materials. Starting with natural graphite, to supply the critical
    next gerneration anode and cathode materials for our high-performance LIB cells.

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