Exclusive LIBCOIN LIB Technology Overview

LIBCOIN has developed the next generation Lithium-ion battery technology for both anode & cathode materials. The technology has a foundation developed over the past 10+ years, while LIBCOIN continually develops a very advanced future LIB materials roadmap to ensure LIBCOIN remains at the forefront of Lithium-ion battery innovation.

For significantly reduced costs, the Generation I LIBCOIN high performance cathode does not contain either COBALT or NICKEL, without sacrificing voltage, capacity or cell energy.

To transcend current expectations for performance metrics demanded of high-energy-power and long calendar life lithium-ion batteries, the physicochemical requirements of the end-use application must integrate with the knowledge that combines leading chemistries and the expertise to ensure cost effectively manufacture at scale. LIBCOIN and its partners embody this synergy.

Approximately 80% of the cost to produce lithium ion cells originates from four major components: the anode, cathode, separator, and electrolyte. LIBCOIN’s technology partner C4V has discovered, patented, and commercially developed processing technology for our next generation anode and cathode materials, while working jointly to optimize these materials with current industry giants in the electrolyte and separator space. C4V has also tested, quantified and qualified more than 15 other components that harmonise with the 4 key pillars of a next generation LIB cell (anode, cathode, separator & electrolyte). In addition, designing cells for different applications in cylindrical, pouch and prismatic form factors is an integral part of C4V’s development process. 

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