LIBCOIN - Generation I LIB Technology

LIBCOIN Generation I LIB Technology will be commercially available in 2019, and will feature a cobalt and nickel-free cathode chemistry that boasts the highest voltage and cycle lifetime of any currently commercial material. In addition, compositionally-patented modifications at the crystal-level ensure, beyond an increased energy density and high-rate capability, unrivalled safety in the event of thermal runaway or fire exposure.

LIBCOIN anodes will contain graphite produced from in-house processing technologies blended with its composite silicon. Overwhelmingly used in current anodes, graphite often requires expensive thermal and environmentally toxic chemical treatments to raise purities above 99.95% for approved use. LIBCOIN’s proprietary processing technology for purification and spheronization has eliminated the need for either step, while drastically reducing energy consumption via modification of commercially-ready equipment that can achieve yields of greater than 70%. Majority of current commercial technologies can only achieve around 40% yield with processing techniques that are more than 20 years old. Proven control over morphology, surface area, and particle size distributions ensures that its integration with composite silicon meets desired performance metrics.

LIBCOIN’s composite silicon, a game-changer for improved volumetric capacity and energy density, boasts a similarly cheap, scalable, and environmentally-friendly manufacturing process. Silicon has long been desired for use in the anode given a specific energy capacity of > 3000 mAh/g. However, unsuccessful efforts to tame the drastic volume expansion experienced during lithiation have tempered commercial viability. LIBCOIN’s composite silicon technology prevents catastrophic volume expansion via nano-structuring. By allowing the primary particles to expand internally and not crack, structural integrity is maintained, and improved performance is achieved.

Generation I batteries will demonstrate energy densities and volumetric capacities of 200Wh/kg and 500Wh/L. Currently, design and optimization efforts have focused on cylindrical and prismatic cells with 2170 and 3270 variants with improved heat dissipation slated for production. With the support of strategic partners and a key acquisition of cell manufacturing equipment, production at a nominal 1 GWh scale will commence during the second half of 2019.

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