High purity natural graphite, with patented graphite processing IP that does not require any chemical or thermal purification.

LIBCOIN via Magnis Energy Technologies has a world class graphite deposit in south-east
Tanzania known as the Nachu Graphite Project. Nachu will supply the natural flake graphite required to manufacture LIBCOIN's next generation anode materials. 

Nachu Graphite Core Sample

Nachu graphite benefits from a highly ordered crystal structure, which when processed through a (patent protected) proprietary processes, can produce high purity spherical graphite for LIB anode material at exceptional yield and purity, without the need for toxic chemical or thermal purification. Given the importance of the anode on the overall performance of a LIB cell and with China controlling approx. 90% of the global natural graphite supply, having security of supply with such a vital raw material is critical in de-risking LIBCOIN LIB cell manufacturing plants.

Nachu has a unique distribution of natural flake graphite in the Super Jumbo, Jumbo, and Large flake categories. The world supply of such categories is very low, making the Nachu project highly valuable. 

Very high chemical purity and excellent crystallinity of Magnis Graphite makes it very unique in the market that results in low cost and high performance Anode material for next generation batteries. Nachu Graphite has been successfully converted into Spherical Coated Anode and tested by various labs for the battery performance.

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