Solid State / Generation III LIB Technology

LIBCOIN / C4V remain laser focused as we continue working towards better, cheaper and safer battery technologies, while continually demanding year on year improvements with our materials processing and cell manufacturing techniques ongoing.

A significant part of this commitment involves developing a solid-state battery. While theoretically possible now, no clear projections or blueprints for bringing solid state batteries into the market currently exist. It may take another 20 years to fully commercialize and have a stable manufacturing and supply chain infrastructure for this technology. But at LIBCOIN / C4V, we are taking a different and more practical approach to overcome some of these challenges. We have been able to replace more than 50% of the liquid electrolyte with a Solid-State electrolyte to produce semi-solid-state technology that would include advantages of both these approaches.

Additionally, our initial tests from our SS Generation III batteries demonstrate energy densities and volumetric capacities of 400Wh/kg and 800 Wh/L. We confidently project these unique batteries will be ready for volume manufacturing by 2025 along with a stable supply chain.

LIBCOIN’s LIB technology partner C4V, recently demonstrated on 27th September 2018 in New York USA, a working prototype of a Solid State Battery at the 2018 NY-BEST Annual Fall Technology Conference (New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium).

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